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Air/Fuel and Management Systems

KMS DCOE Throttle Body


KMS Single Body

KMS Single Throttles

PiperCross Filter Sock

PiperCross Filter Socks

PiperCross Cone Filter

PiperCross Foam Pod Filter

PiperCross Cone Filter

PiperCross Premium Pod

PiperCross Cone Filter

PiperCross Performance Pod

PiperCross V1 Intake

PiperCross V1 - BMW E46 and M3

PiperCross V1 Intake

PiperCross V1 - BMW F22 M2

PiperCross V1 Intake

PiperCross V1 - BMW F82 M4

KMS Fuel Injectors

KMS Fuel Injectors

From $195.00


KMS Ignition Module

KMS IA23 Ignition Module

BMW F80/F82 S55 Stage 3 turbo upgrade

BMW M3/M4 Stage 3 Upgrade

From $9,290.00
Coming Soon!

F20/F30 Turbo Package.

500HP 1 Series!!!
Coming Soon!

N63 and S63 Stage 3 Turbo Upgrade (As seen on Hyper BMW Z4 GT4 race car)


910HP Guarantee. 1338hp Possible (Z4 GT4).

Induction Packages

Fully Custom Package

Custom ITB Package

From $380.00
Hyper BMW - BMW 2002 Kit

BMW 2002 Package

Hyper BMW - BMW E36/46 Kit

BMW E36/E46 Package

Hyper BMW - BMW E21 E30 M10B18 M10B20

BMW E21/E30 M10 Package

From $2,290.00
Hyper BMW - BMW E30 M3 S14B23 S14B25 S14B20

BMW E30 M3 Package

Hyper BMW - BMW F20 F30 N13B16 Kit

BMW F20/F30 N13B16 Kit

Hyper BMW - BMW N62 V8 Kit

BMW N62 3.6/4.4L Package

Hyper BMW - Falcon ITB Kit

Falcon 4L AU to FG-X Kit

Hyper BMW - GM LE0/LLT Kit

Holden Commodore LE0 Kit

Hyper BMW - LS ITB Kit

LS1/LS2/LS3 Package

Hyper BMW - Porsche ITB Kit

Porsche 964 Package

Hyper BMW - GM LE0/LY7 Spacer

Holden LE0 / LY7 Spacer

Hyper BMW - LS ITB Direct to head Kit

LS3 Direct to head Package

Hyper BMW - DGEV Weber to Twin body EFI

DGEV 32/36 CARB to Twin EFI Adapter

Hyper BMW - DCOE Weber to Twin body EFI

DCOE CARB to Twin EFI Adapter

Hyper BMW - HyperBusa Intake System

Hyper-Busa Intake Package


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