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Please keep ALL receipts of purchases. Hyper will have copies of your purchase, however, we will require proof that YOU purchased the product. All products are return to base for inspection and repair, or inspection and replacement. Postage costs to achieve this are handled at each end. Post from you (the buyer/returner) is to be paid by you and any postal costs involved in returning a fixed or replacement part will be handled by Hyper. Please be aware, paint is considered a general wear and tear issue and is not claimable as a warranty repair. Hyper uses high quality PPG paint and is then heat treated to withstand bubbling or peeling due to heat. If bubbling or peeling occurs within the 12 month warranty period, the item can be sent back for repainting. PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT TO REPAINT THE ITEM YOURSELF as it may have composite materials present.

Hyper will not refund an item that is unwanted outside of the initial 14 day purchase period. Please be sure to check you are in a position to purchase the product, and that it is the right product for you. Hyper will exchange a difference in price, if the product you purchased is incorrect and you want to exchange it. However, this will only be awarded if the product is returned in a Brand New state and with original packaging. If you exchange an item and it is dirty or not in its original packaging, a repackaging fee of $25 is applicable. If you are returning a product for warranty reasons, please clean the effected area as best you can, and using white masking tape - Direct us to any problem area's. In exceptional circumstances, where a refund is requested, you may be refused a cash refund and given a store credit to an equal value. In Australia, you are entitled to a refund within the 14 day purchase period, after which a seller/distributor can refuse a refund unless an item received is damaged, or not as described. If the item is unwanted it is completely up to the sellers discursion, at Hyper, we will only allow refund for unwanted items within the 14 day "grace" period, after that, you may only be entitled to a difference of amounts up to 75% of the value of the item and it must be unused and in original packaging. If you have returned an unwanted item it is likely you will receive a store credit, rather then a cash refund.  

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