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Hyper BMW PowerSports would like to advise all individuals who use high performance upgrades on the motor vehicles to operate them in a way that does not endanger the general public OR the operator of the motor vehicle. Statistics unfortunately show that 83% of modified cars that are involved in motor vehicle accidents are driven by males between the ages of 17 and 34. Guys, we as a Performance parts supplier cannot stress enough - PLEASE drive sensibly with your new toys, and keep the fun for the race tracks!

A Personal message from Hyper Director ~ Brendan Cooke

Thanks for visiting the Hyper BMW PowerSports (Hyper / Hyper BMW) Website. This legal information page provides details of what information may be stored, copyright information and product warrantee information. Please read over it carefully before submitting an application to join the members lounge or purchasing a product.

Purchasing our products...

Your information provided will be stored for further processing of orders and identifying your purchases. All information you submit to Hyper via our contact forms or our online shop are protected by our "Discovery Security Service". None of your private information will ever be shared. Hyper would like to advise all customers that the majority of our parts listed are not held in store, they may need importing if the part requested is not a Hyper manufactured part, please check the product availability before committing to purchase. If you ordered a Hyper part that is out of stock, it may take up to 36 hours for it to be manufactured. Once you have made an order, we will contact you to finalize it, this usually takes place within 12 hours to make shipment within 3 business days (including Saturdays if in the Brisbane/Ipswich/Toowoomba area). Hyper does currently sell via eBay, please ensure you follow eBay's purchasing policy. Hyper's username on eBay is "bc.holdenracing" and the member to contact is "Brendan Cooke". If you are purchasing a Hyper product from someone not using this name, we cannot enforce a warranty. Hyper is limited to selling only up to a value of $20,000 via eBay, if there are no products listed please contact us to make an order or check the online shop for availability.
Amendment for Purchasing our products: We have added a new payment system using PayAdvantage, this company is Australian run and owned, and uses the highest 256bit encryption for your credit card data. Hyper do not have access to your stored credit card data, and connot charge additional amounts without your authority. PayAdvantage also have an allowance for payment to be made in installments. We're treating this as a LayBuy service, your goods WILL NOT be shipped until full payment is received. Amended as of 07/09/2019.

Purchasing performance products...

Buying performance products on the Hyper website requires full payment before delivery is made. We do not have an "order online and pickup payment" or "cash on delivery" service. Hyper insurer's every freight delivery, if your product arrives damaged or fails to arrive at all please let us know within 3 weeks of purchase. Hyper has to advise all customers not to use high performance motoring products in a way that can endanger the general public or the operator of the motor vehicle.

Ordering Products...

Please take note, when ordering products through Hyper - either ONLINE or over the phone. Your order time frame is only an estimation. Any number of problems can arouse causing issue with either the order OR delivery of any merchandise you ordered. If your product is on order and the estimated time has elapsed an agent of Hyper will be in contact with you to discuss the delay. Further estimations may be given however, due to supplier's being overseas based - Hyper will give no promise on a delivery date. If you feel the order process is taking too long, Hyper can and will honor a refund after a 90 day period has lapsed. Furthermore, Hyper may hold any funds until the product has passed through customs or until notification of a successful order is made. We may also hold funds if a product is not available, until a successful order can be made. A 15% GST and Duty tax fee will be redacted from your order amount as the order you make will be costing this non-recoverable amount in import taxes. This fee is not applicable to Hyper 3D printed manifolds, as these products are made in house. 

The Important Information!


Hyper BMW PowerSports does collect non-sensitive private information, such as what is found on your invoice (Name, address, phone number, and email address). We do not store credit card information, your credit card information is handled by our payments facilitator, PayAdvantage. Our website does not use cookies, and we do not allow third party advertising to be hosted. If you feel we have somehow breached your privacy, or wish to have all private information deleted. Please use the contact form and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.


Gaining access to heavily discounted products from Hyper is not as simple as filling out a form. You must first do that, and complete the application process with a Hyper representative - who will contact you shortly after completing the correct paperwork. You must provide a basic structure of business showing your intentions of where to sell, how to sell, what your sales targets are and your prospective sales prices of the products you will sell. If you have backing to provide a large transfer of goods, you may receive a higher discount package if you turn products out faster. All your information sent to us in regards to business and personal information is kept private and secure, we also wont inform any member of the public including law enforcement (without warrant), that you are affiliated with us - unless you agree to do so on your own terms. 

Hyper BMW PowerSports holds no claim to the following brands or their logo's used: PiperCross, KMS, Pink Bat Motorsport, CAM EFI, Ford, Chev, Holden, Hemi, Chrysler, BMW - These are the digital property of their respectful companies. Other images on the website such as the "Hyper BMW PowerSports" banner with our Z4 racecar and the BMW Logo header which contains the "Hyper BMW" brand (digitally remastered by Hyper BMW PowerSports) are the digital property of Brendan Cooke, Director Manager of Hyper BMW PowerSports. These images have no copyright protection on them and may be used upon request or, if you are able enough to download them yourself. Director Brendan Cooke, has written Authority to use, distribute, and modify (to extent) the BMW Logo, as a partner to BMW Motorsport Munich.

Last updated: 07/09/2019 Hyper BMW PowerSports (ASIC REGISTERED, 75 327 132 437) Trading as Hyper BMW PowerSports, Hyper BMW, Hyper Racing, and Hyper. Hyper BMW PowerSports is an Australian based business, providing local and internationally sourced products. 

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Hyper BMW PowerSports Pty Ltd is an ASIC Registered Business and operates under the governance of public ABR rules and regulations. This site does not store cookie information, or private checkout information. If you wish to discuss any security concerns with us, please use the contact us link above.
ABN: 75 327 132 437 ASIC REGISTERED 2019.