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Hyper BMW PowerSports M4 GT4/S Sponsorship

Team Hyper BMW PowerSports
Product Number: 2021-2023 M4 GT4
Availability: 10,000 units

$37.00 per unit

Personal or Business?

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Product description

We are currently looking for businesses in any area of industry, and personal investment to sponsor our BMW M4 GT4/S race car for the 2021 to 2023 Hill Climb and Sprint race calendar.

There is a 40% ROI for investment over 3 years with an option for a 4th year depending on performance. Over 3 years your investment will be returned at 120% (160% over 4 years) + bonuses for competitive/advertising objectives, it is a cancel anytime contract for a full return. Dividend is paid quarterly, with no reinvestment system in place.

The car is a BMW M4 GT4/S CAMS compliant car. It has 868bhp, and is a current class leading car. We're expecting to compete in the Targa Australia series, Queensland Sprint Cup, and Australian Hill Climb Series. We will also be presenting the car at 4 registered trade shows in Australia, and it will be on display at the Formula 1 Melbourne 2021.

Our calendar will also include the list of auto trade shows we will be attending with the vehicle. If you are an Auto Trader, and you sign up for a Major sponsorship program, we can supply the car to your work place for display in private events or a notified period up to two weeks.

Personal investors: There will be a number of positions on the vehicle for you to come and sign your name, as a show of appreciation to you. We will also be offering invitation only joy rides throughout 2021-2023.

Business Sponsorship: There are a number of positions available on the vehicle for signage, we will also be offering retail services and product listing to high value sponsorship. The car will also be available by appointment for you to use with marketing for your business.

The driver will be Brendan Cooke - CAMS Licensed (Director of Hyper BMW PowerSports), in some events a co-driver will be required. Co-driver is not yet named, and will likely be somebody of equal driving experience.

The car is divided into 10,000 share units, you can purchase from 1 unit up to 10,000 units, there is no limit. However, we ask that you please consult with us first if you intend on purchasing more then 1,000, as we will need to verify your purchase.

This page will be updated regularly, please keep watch for any further information.

PLEASE NOTE: A copy of a signed contract will be emailed to you within 24 hours of purchase. You will have a cooling off period to make any requests or cancellations once it is received.

Section 45, Australian Competition compliant. This race car or one to it's exact specification is available to purchase, through us Hyper BMW PowerSports, as Australia's local BMW Motorsport dealer. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the purchase of a BMW M4 GT4/S race/street car. Please consider, ordering this car may take up to 12 weeks as it is shipped from Munich. We also deal in CAMS approved GT4/S body panels, and the recommended performance upgrades (as fitted to the Hyper BMW PowerSports M4 GT4/S race car). Order periods for these parts can take up to 6 weeks. Both of these packages come with our Racing service, which supplies race gear, and will get you CAMS licensed for competition! We hope to race with you soon!

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Personal and Business investment opportunity

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Hyper BMW PowerSports

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M4 GT4/S Race Car Sponsorship

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